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Residencia Rapaces – Espira La Espora

Founded in 2007 in Managua, Nicaragua.
Director: Patricia Belli

Academic Residency for Emerging Artists Central, RAPACES, by the artistic project Espira / La Espora.

It has been held for thirty days each year in Nicaragua. It is a strategy for cultural exchanges and deeper critical theoretical young artists who are consolidating their work. The call is open for everyone to participate; however the candidates who have participated in TACON are favored reserving 50% of quotas.

It consists of an annual call by which Latin American artists are selected for the development of a month of activities in Managua, Nicaragua. Activities range from those related to exchange fully experiential along with academic and theoretical group sessions.

The month of the event is also an opportunity for creation. With a solid foundation in the dialogue and criticism, the projects of each participant are tracked by the collective. The results of the month’s work take the form of a traveling group exhibition, known as EXIT.

Source: official website of EspIRA La ESPORA

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