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La Curtiduría – residencies

Founded in 2006 in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Director: Demián Flores

La Curtiduría is an independent cultural space founded in 2006, whose purpose is to open up a space for dialogue, and exchange of contemporary artistic production in Oaxaca. Located in an old tannery in the center of the historic village of Jalatlaco, la Curtiduría has an open space of 300 square meters and an apartment for housing two artists. The program is structured upon three fundamental axes: artists in residence, spaces for developing projects, and exhibitions of contemporary artistic proposals.

For the residents we promote quality, experience, dynamism, youth, and collaboration between the artists in residence, La Curtiduría, and the community.
The values that La Curtiduría embraces are formality, responsibility, accessibility, flexibility, a sense of community, and a focus on cultural service, honesty, honor, and experience.

The residence is a not for profit project that has a minimum quota of recuperation for the maintenance of the space.

Artists in residence
José Luis Landet, Amor Muñoz,Ishmael Randall Weeks, Fabienne Lasserre, Jaime Ruíz Otis, Daniel Alcalá, Heriberto Quesnel, Patrick Pettersson, Isis Rodríguez, Carmen Brucic, Laleh Khorramian, Fernanda Ribeiro, Carolina Cor, Libia Moura, Shaun C. Leonardo,Flo Drake, Peter Kuper, Nine Rain, Nicola López, Marcos Lutyens, Eduardo Poeter, Gandalf Gavan.

Source: official website of La Curtiduría

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