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La Ene

Founded in Buenos Aires in 2010
Directed by Sofía Dourron

La ene was founded in august 2010  as a platform for the criticism, research and transformation of the institutional ways in which art is currently produced, legitimized, distributed and marketed. Being the first museum for contemporary art in buenos aires, la ene exercises a radical intervention on its very environment, renewing the ways in which museums are  perceived  while questioning the arguable opposition between the alternative and the institutional. Thus boosting and promoting a space for critical thinking on arts and becoming an open, flexible, dynamic, expansive and chevere museum.

La ene sets out to act in the realm of contemporary art and to think its institutions in a critical and reflective manner, examine its old configurations, confronting its difficulties and expressing the tension with independent practices. La ene is a political institution without proselytizing, it is an expansive museum in constant transformation.

La ene promotes the work of argentine and international artists, inciting experimentation, radical thinking and cooperation. La ene is also a platform for exchange which aims at delving into the knowledge of the complex plexus that shapes the contemporary world.

La ene have a Program Residency – here

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