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laberinto projects

Founded and directed by Muriel Hasbún, El Salvador

laberinto projects recovers the legacy of galería el laberinto (1977-2000) and her founder and director, Janine Janowski, during the civil war in El Salvador. Through a collaborative, arts, lens-based, education, cultural legacy preservation platform. laberinto projects gathers an archive of art, documentation and video oral histories of artists of Central America working during the Salvadoran civil war and its aftermath. laberinto projects fosters research and outreach projects across borders.

laberinto projects is an arts, education and cultural legacy preservation platform that fosters contemporary art practices, social inclusion and dialogue in El Salvador, Central America and its diaspora.

At the core of laberinto projects is the belief that artists are at the forefront of innovation and interdisciplinary discourse, and that art serves as a catalyst to shape civil society. We provide a unique framework for art practice, cultural studies and for the access, collection and distribution of knowledge.

laberinto projects aim to establish an art historical continuum in El Salvador and Central America through the study, conservation, digitization and dissemination of significant archives and collections –including the laberinto projects’ archive which documents the history of galería el laberinto and the country’s most significant collection of art produced during the civil war and post-war period.

laberinto projects’ objectives are:
– To promote and nurture the existing contemporary arts of Central America and its diaspora;
– To foster meaningful exchanges, healing, conflict resolution and social transformation through exhibitions, art education and community initiatives;
– To stimulate a collaborative and active educational model for lifelong learning and creative problem-solving
– To promote research and the production of new works.

laberinto projects develops two kind of residency program :
Master Artist Workshops
Self-directed Residencies

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