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prAna residencies

Founded in 2009 in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Coordinator: Sandra de Berduccy

Today, the mARTadero is the most innovative and fastest growing cultural project in Bolivia.

To further develop the project’s principles and to connect Bolivia with the international scene, the mARTadero project,-with the support of Fundación Imagen and the Dutch Embassy, has built on the site a residence for artists and cultural managers, and developed a management model for it.

It is called PRANA (Artistic Residency Program of NADA).

PRANA is also a Sanskrit word that refers to “what is vital”, to the strength of living things and to the generation of energy through the natural process of the universe. It comes from the Upanishads, and it talks about that part of the physical reality that supports the body and is the mother of mind and thought.

The residences, lasting from one to four weeks (in the case of national artists) and four to six weeks (for international artists), have the purpose of producing a work. In the case of production projects (cultural management), the stay can be extended to eight weeks.

The logic in both cases is to leave the physical work, or do something (a process) in the neighborhood of Villa Coronilla or the city of Cochabamba, seeking social interaction of citizens with the artist’s work. The work’s principles should be aligned comply with those of NADA, mentioned above.

The idea is to devise appropriate art projects for the site, achievable in the time of residence and that incorporate the context, (allowing interaction with it).

The receiving center, through foundations, will take care of raising the funds for the material and the equipment necessary for producing the work.
All artists of any discipline and nationality with a desire to suggest a clear and creative proposal for the improvement of the district and the city along NADA’s working lines, will be eligible for the residency program PRANA. Priority will be given to artists from networks and movements in which the mARTadero project is immersed, to strengthen them.
To se information about mARTadero as an exhibition center, click here

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