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São João

Founded in 2012 in São José do Vale do Rio Preto/ RJ / Brazil

The São João residency Program is a rural residency focusing on experimentation and multidisciplinary, and establishing dialogue and partnerships among residents. We´re open to all artistic media (music, art, writing, video, etc), as well as all fields of research. We are located in a historic coffee farm from the colonial period, in the beautiful north of Rio de Janeiro. We have a rehearsal space, meeting rooms/lounges, artist studios, offices, a swimming pool and a cascade. The fee includes all meals, accommodation, laundry, cleaning and local transportation. The organization mediates debates, readings, studio visits and trekkings in the surrounding countryside.

Open call for the Third Edition – September 2014

All residencies are organized by Antonio Sobral, Ruli Moretti, Flora Rebollo and Daniel Jablonski
2012 – Informal residency – Ghawazee Coletivo de Ação, Sherwood Chen, Daniel Jablonski, Antonio Sobral, Ruli Moretti, Manu Sobral, Ivan Pires, Rod di Sciascio, Vitória Parasmo
2012 – RSJ #1 – Powerpaola, Maria Luque, Sophia Knapp, Mariette Auvray, Samuel Triflot, BCBG, Eric Markowski, Francisco Russo, Rodrigo Ortega, Stefan Fähler, Dagmar Brown, Federico
2013 – RSJ #3 – Sherwood Chen, Shuah Brotherton, Bruno Trochmann, Christophe Alyx, Benoit Bellet, Pedro Campanha, Angie, Mikey Brandon, Leandra Plaza

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