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LIID / Laboratoire d’Ingénierie d’Idées

Created by Raphaële Bidault-Waddington
Born in 1971 in Paris, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

As an artist in visual art and the founder of LIID (Laboratoire d’Ingénierie d’Idées,, an experimental future think-tank, I design art-based research projects often in partnership with a structure that invites me (universities, cities, companies, media, etc.), and including various forms of collaboration.

In this case, I become an artist-curator (choosing artists and creative talents, and organizing forms and contents in a given space), and/or an artist-director since I’m also interested in staging interactions within the group (Social and Organizational Design as Scandinavians like to say), and testing “live” ideas to feel their impact in action.

According to the specific context and the shape of the project, I create conceptual diagrams to map contents and processes, design « research-exhibitions » where workshops can take place; I also give lectures and write scripts and narratives, eventually published or including collective inputs, along a semi-theoretical semi-poetic reasoning and research process.

These experimental projects can last from one day to long term work-in-progress.

Selection art-based collaborative research projects:

2013 – “Montevideo Experimental 1” (to be followed on, prospective research-action project in collaboration with the Urban Prospective Lab, Architecture Faculty, Republica University, and the City of Montevideo, Uruguay.
2008-14 – “Paris Galaxies, a vision for the Greater Paris”, prospective research work-in-progress, with ACTE (Art, Creation, Theory, Aesthetics) Institute, Paris 1 Sorbonne University, in partnership with the Paris College of Art (ex-Parsons School Paris).
2010-11 – Curator for “ACSI (Aalto Camp For Societal Innovation)”, Aalto University in partnership with HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Program) and MUU Association, Helsinki.
2010 – “Polygon Project”, art-based trans-disciplinary and collaborative research platform (, launched at The Incidental Person group show, Apex Art, New York.
2009-11 –  Curator for “Vision” (Art, Architecture, Ideas, Literature) and the Creative Lab,

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