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LiMAC – Museo de arte contemporaneo de Lima

Itinerant museum initially based in Lima, Peru. Founded in 2002
Founded by Sandra Gamarra Heshiki and coordinated by Antoine Henry-Jonquères

LiMAC wants to serve as an introduction to contemporary art practices and local production. Through its collection of more than 2,000 works, periodically exhibited, and the production of exhibitions, LiMAC is a space conceived for visitors, locals and foreign, to get a general but close vision of the artistic projects that in one way or another intervene and influence Lima.

The museum fosters the encounter of artists, curators, critics and spectators as it is their presence that makes the museum a living center of artistic production.

LiMAC organizes its exhibitions according to the origin of the work. The Permanent Spaces present exhibitions with funds from the museum’s collection as well as the work of artists invited for special projects. Curators are also given the opportunity to make selections based on the interpretations they want to offer. The museum includes several Temporary Exhibitions spaces that recompile the previous activity of the museum.

One main interest is the revision of works made during the last 40 years as the basis for comprehending most recent works. The museum appears in different cities depending on its travels and attempts to establish frictions between fact and fiction.

Temporary Exhibitions
10.08.2010 / 10.09.2013 – Voce esta aquí LiMAC en Guimaraes (Capital Europea de la Cultura 2012, Portugal)
17.02.2012 / 22.02.2012 – Restos Impresos – (LiMAC Madrid, España)
El cuerpo fragmentado: polvo debajo de la alfombra / The Fragmented Body: Dust Below the Carpet ( Madrid, España)

Permanent Exhibitions
Phantom Limb
Loan for 29th Sao Paulo Bienal, October 2010
La Dernière garde
Bitter Huayco

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