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Buenos Aires

arteBA is one of the most important art fairs geared primarily to production from Latin America. A leading cultural event in Buenos Aires, the 2015 fair took place on the premises of La Rural in the Palermo section of the city between June 4 and 7 ( June 3 Pre – Opening). On average, approximately 100,000 individuals visit the fair each year. Two thousand and fifteen marked its twenty-fourth edition and almost a hundred galleries from all over the world showed works by their artists.To meet the varying needs of galleries, collectors, museums, and the viewing public, the fair consists of different sections delimited at the fair with specific profiles. Contemporary art galleries are at center stage in the fair. Open to the public free of charge, the Open Forum is one of the highlights of the fair.

Main Section

This section consists of established galleries chosen by an independent selection committee pursuant to review their applications. Some galleries choose to participate with a Special Project, or add a Cabinet to its proposal.
Special projects Patio Bullrich

Some of the galleries in the main section participates with a special project with up to three artists, with emphasis on the curatorial.
The Main Section Committee itself is responsible for the selection.


Cabinet is a specific area within the galleries booths in the main section of the fair. In Cabinet, one or more works by a single artist are exhibited. The aim of the section is to show important, unique, or emblematic works by modern and contemporary artists. A consulting committee determines the selection.
2015 Consulting Commitee
Sonia Becce (President of the selection committee for galleries in the main section).
Hans-Michael Herzog (Artistic director and head curator of the Daros Latinamerica Collection).
Gabriel pérez-Barreiro (Freelance curator and director of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection in new York and Caracas).


A curator organizes an exhibition on the basis of an original hypothesis on art now. The section offers works by artists to museums and private collections through their galleries.
Curator 2015
Julieta González (Chief Curator and Interim Director at the Jumex Museum, Mexico City and Adjunct Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the MASP, São Paulo, Brazil).
Curator Assistant
Valeria Balut

U-TURN Project Rooms by Mercedes-Benz

A curator invites galleries to present a specific project featuring up to three artists.
Curator 2015
Jacopo Crivelli Visconti (Critic and freelance curator. Curator of the 12th Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador, 2014).

Solo Show Zurich

A curator invites six artists and the galleries representing them to take part through individual exhibitions.
CuraTor 2015
Manuel Segade (Freelance curator, who lives and works from rotterdam, The Netherlands).

Photobooth Citi

A curator invites galleries with proposals for photography shows. The section includes both historic and contemporary work.
CuraTor 2015
Octavio Zaya (United States-based curator, writer and art publisher. Director/Executive Editor of Atlántica: Journal of Art and Thought. Curator at Large of Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, Las Palmas, Spain).

Barrio Joven Chandon

The participants are galleries and new, innovative or alternative spaces representing young emerging artists. The galleries are chosen by an independent team of curators.
2015 CuraTorial Team
Mariano Mayer (Argentine poet and freelance curator, who lives and works in Madrid, Spain).
Manuela Moscoso (Curator and co-founder of the curatorial studio Rivet, who lives and works in são Paulo, Brazil).

Young Curators Program

Program aimed at young argentines professionals within the curatorial field. Through an open call, a curatorial team selects the winning proposal to be exhibited in a 100-square-meter area in arteBA.
2015 Curatorial Team
Alejandra Aguado (Co-director of Móvil and curator, Museum of Modern Art, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Alessio Antoniolli (Director of Gasworks & Triangle Network, United Kingdom).
2015 Awarded Curator
Sebastián Vidal Mackinson (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

arteBA-Banco Ciudad Matching Funds

Three museums in Argentina receive a sum of money from Banco Ciudad to procure new art works for their collections. Each museum in turn matches or exceeds this sum with counterpart funds and thus shapes the total value of the works that the representatives from each institution taking part select.
Networking Program

Sponsored by Proargentina and with the intention of stimulating the creation of networks, alliances and collaborations between the Argentine art scene and that beyond our country, curators and directors from art institutions from all around the world are invited to the fair in order to participate in personal sessions and group encounters with figures in the local milieu. The Networking Program is a platform for acquaintance-making and for the interaction of the most influential professionals in the current art scene.
Guests Confirmed for 2015
José Luis Blondet (curator of special projects of LACMA).
Rosa Olivares (Director of EXIT Express).
Pablo León De la Barra (Curator of Guggenheim UBS MAP, Latin America).
Ferran Barenblit (Director of the Dos de Mayo Art Center).
Miguel López (Curator en chief of TEOR/éTica and Lado V).
Tanya Barson (Curator of international art, Tate Modern).
Ramiro Martínez Estrada (Director of the Museo Amparo of Puebla, Mexico).
Isla de Ediciones

A team of curators invites independent presses and publishing houses to make available for public sale individual volumes and collections on contemporary art.
This section has its own auditorium to hold workshops, book presentations and conferences given by leading figures of the editorial scene.
2015 Curatorial Team
Lucrecia Palacios (freelance editor and curator, Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Facundo de Falco (editorial advisor, Buenos Aires, Argentina).
2015 Space Design
Federico Churba (industrial designer, Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Tribute to the Artist’s Career arteBA – Madero Harbour

arteBA is the setting for the celebration of an Argentine artist´s career and it pays tribute to the artist by exhibiting a solo show with outstanding works of her authorship.
2015 Tribute
Delia Cancela (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Javier Arroyuelo (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Open Forum

The Open Forum section—sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the City Government—is a venue where leading international figures in the art world come together to enrich debates on contemporary art. It is open to the public free of charge and with an independent entrance.
Prime Time 2015
“Fetishes: everything you ever wanted to know about psychoanalysis and never dared to ask artists, curators and critics.”
Inti Guerrero (Critic and independent curator. Colombia / Hong Kong).