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The Reluctant Narrator

15.10/2014 - 11.01/2015
Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisboa

There is no such thing as a real story. Stories are not lived, they are told; to paraphrase American historian Hayden White, a real story is an oxymoron. Likewise, history is a problem, not a puzzle whose pieces only... + more

Carlos Garaicoa – Orden Inconcluso

23.11/2014 - 08.03/2015
CA2M, Madrid

Carlos Garaicoa (Havana, 1967) is a key name between Latin American artists of the nineties, and a referent inside and outside Cuba to understand the artistic speech through the internationalization of Cuban art from the decade.

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Rumeurs du Météore

17.10/ 14 - 11.01/15
Frac Lorraine, Metz

Isn’t it about time to stop the doomsaying? To turn towards a creative—rather than a castrating—ecology? To shake free from fear-mongering and to imagine new possibilities? Jubilant invention and dreams are in urgent demand.

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Gabriel de la Mora – Lucíferos

Sicardi Gallery, Houston

Sicardi Gallery invites you to celebrate the opening of Lucíferos, an exhibition of new work by Gabriel de la Mora. The artist will be present at the opening reception from 6-8 pm, Thursday, October 30. In Gabriel de la Mora’s most recent... + more

Javier Tapia & Camilo Ontiveros – Travelling Dust

7.11 – 12.12 / 2014
18th Street , Santa Monica

Travelling Dust is a collaborative project by 18th Street Art Center’s Visiting Artists in Residence Javier Tapia and Camilo Ontiveros. Concerned particularly with economic and cultural exchanges between Latin America and the United States,

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Tapia Ontiveros
Mariana Castillo Deball – Parergon

20.09/ 2014 - 01.03/2015
Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin

Beginning in September 2014, the artist Mariana Castillo Deball (*1975 in Mexico City) - who was awarded the "Preis der Nationalgalerie für Junge Kunst" (National Gallery Prize for Young Art) in 2013 - will show... + more

mariana castillo deball 1
Priscilla Monge – The House

From 17.05 / 2014
am Kreisverkehr Leobendorf, Vienna

Doing public art is very demanding since it takes new ways of thinking and approaching the art work and its creation. As an artist you are placed out of your comfort zone but people/public in general is... + more

Priscilla Monge Leobendorf 3029 (c) Wojciech Czaja
Celemania – A mexican scene.

27.11/2014 - 01.02/2015

28 Ateliers internationaux du Frac des pays de la Loire.

As detectives thar reconstruct the story with fragments of the past and the present, there is a great curiosity in contemporary art for maneuver , interpret , and dig in events that are... + more