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A Selection of Iberoamerican Video Art of Bodies and Souls

25.05 – 17.08 / 2014
A window in Berlin, Berlin

A WINDOW IN BERLIN is a non-profit project conceived to open up a space, a window, for contemporary art in Berlin. It proposes to familiarize oneself with Iberian-American views through one of the most dynamic and... + more

Andres montes
Pedro Reyes – Sanatorium

28.06-01.09 /2014
The Power Plant, Toronto

Making its Canadian premiere at The Power Plant, artist Pedro Reyes’s installation Sanatorium is an ongoing performative project involving therapy sessions that visitors can experience in an effort to cure ills associated with urban living.

Making its Canadian... + more

Timothy Soar copie
The Worshipper of the Image

06.06-26.07 / 2014
Beers Contemporary, London

The Worshipper of the Image is the latest body of work by Venezuelan artist Lucia Pizzani, delving further into the artist’s practice, and driving relevant and uninhibited inquiry into ideas surrounding body and self. The exhibition, which is the first... + more

Lucia Pizzani - Beers Contemporary_Page_26_Image_0001 copie
Lineas de Fuga // Vanishing Points

04.07 – 30.07 / 2014
Guest Projects, London

Curated by: John Angel Rodriguez

What is a vanishing point?

It is the converging union of lines that fade into the infinite. It may also be the concept that we inherited from the practice of making projective drawings.

How may we... + more

oooA ras 02
Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today

13.06 – 01.10 / 2013
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today reconsiders the state of contemporary art in Latin America, investigating the creative responses of artists to complex, shared realities that have been influenced by colonial and... + more

Tellez_OneFlewOverTheVoid copie
Beyond the end

31.05 – 27.07 / 2014
Kadist Art Foundation, Paris
curated by Camila Marambio

With: Derek Córcoran (ecologist), Giorgia Graells (biologist), Émilie Hache (philosopher), Geir Tore Holm & Søssa Jorgensen (artists), Fabienne Lasserre (artist), Myriam Lefkowitz (choreographer), Carla Macchiavello (art historian), Camila Marambio (curator), Maria Luisa Murillo... + more

KAF-Beyond the End-27 copie
Teresa Margolles: «La búsqueda»

24.05 – 17.08 / 2014
Migros Museum, Zurich

The works by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles (b. 1963, Culiacán) revolve around themes such as death, violence and social exclusion. Since the start of the 1990s, she has also worked in the forensic medicine department of an autopsy... + more

Amalia Pica – One Thing After Another

05.06  – 17.08 / 2014
La Criée Centre for Contemporary Art, Rennes

Exhibition curator: Sophie Kaplan

Argentinian artist Amalia Pica’s first solo show in France is a continuation of a project begun at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City in the summer of 2013. At La Criée... + more

press_pack_amalia_pica_a4_web_Page_05_Image_0001 copie