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  • La Plastika Rayada
    focus . 06/04/2015

    Born in 1984 in Cali, Colombia

    La Plastika Rayada is proposed as a “spaceless space”, a project that is led by the colombian artist Ana Maria... + more

  • PArC
    focus . art fairs . 06/04/2015

    Perú Arte Contemporáneo


    Sección Principal 2015
    80m2 – Livia Benavides, Lima
    Adhoc Galería – Vigo
    Aldo de Sousa Gallery – Buenos Aires
    Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo,... + more

  • sp-arte
    focus . art fairs . 11/11/2011

    Founded in 2005 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Director: Fernanda D. Feitosa

    SP-Arte, São Pauloʼs International Art Fair, continues to distinguish itself as Latin Americaʼs leading art fair, presenting... + more

Gabriel Orozco – Inner Cycles

24.01 – 10.05/2015
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

Orozco finds objects discarded on the street or discovers beautiful shapes in mundane contexts and, by slightly altering them, transforms them into artworks. His new readings of things–reminiscent of the Japanese garden’s use of rocks and sand to... + more

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Andres Ramirez – To keep the darkness sealed within

Galerie See studio, Paris

To keep the darkness sealed within  is the first solo show of Andrés Ramirez at See studio Gallery. Based on the analyses and the re-appropriation of industrial production and visual communication paradigms, his installation work assumes arbitrary poetics, a “harsh-noise” form... + more

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Le Bord des mondes

18.02 – 17.05/2015
Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Answering Marcel Duchamps question: Can one make works of art which are not of art? The exhibition Le Bord des Mondes (At the Edge of the Worlds) explores the many fields of artistic creation and welcomes creative people from... + more

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Rodrigo Sassi – In Between

19.03 – 18.04/2015
MdM Gallery, Paris

MdM Gallery, in partnership with Gallery Nosco — Frameless (London) is pleased to present Rodrigo Sassi’s first solo exhibition in France. The artist will present a new installation and sculpture made during his residency in Paris.

Born 1981 in São Paulo — Brazil,... + more

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Nominal Nature

27.02 – 26.04/2015
CA2M, Madrid

Nominal Nature is an exhibition conceived as an interweaving of three pieces located at three points in the vertical axis of the museum building: the entrance area, the elevators, and the rooftop terrace, complemented by a performative talk titled Pabellón in... + more

Glenda León – Every breath

31.01 – 26.04/2015
Nave 16, Madrid

Matadero Madrid presents Cada Respiro (Every Breath), a large audiovisual video installation by Glenda León, a Cuban artist known as one of the most relevant figures of her generation. Curated by Christian Domínguez, the five screens that comprise Cada... + more

Los Carpinteros

25.03 – 24. 05/2015
Parasol unit, London

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is delighted to present an exhibition of works by Cuban art collective, Los Carpinteros (Marco Castillo and Dagoberto Rodríguez). This exhibition, the duo’s first major show in a public... + more

Leticia Ramos – VOSTOK, 2014

19.03 – 03.05/2015
CAPC, musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux

Leticia Ramos’ work, which includes photography, film, installation and performance, focuses on the re-creation of places and different geographies. For her installations, she films arrangements consisting of miniature models she has constructed herself, often using an elaborate... + more

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  • focus . galleries
    big sur galería

    Founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires
    Directed by Alvaro Cifuentes and Célina Eceiza

    Big Sur is a Latin American Contemporary Art Gallery created by artists... + more

    Big Sur
  • focus . galleries
    Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros

    Founded in Mexico City in 1969
    Director: Taiyana Pimentel

    The Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (SAPS), located in the neighborhood of Polanco in Mexico City,... + more

  • focus . art fairs
    Art Lima 2015

    23.04 – 26.04/2015

    The 3RD edition of the International Art Fair in Lima, will take place from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 April 2015... + more

    Art Lima 2015
  • focus . residencies

    Founded in 2014 in Santiago
    Directors: Catalina Tuca, Matías Labbé, Viviana Bravo

    CANCHA_Santiago is a private initiative which promotes contextual investigation to contribute with new... + more

  • focus . museums

    Founded in 2001
    Artistic Director: Agustín Pérez Rubio

    Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoaméricano de Buenos Aires) is a dynamic and participatory cultural space in which... + more

    Building View