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Fernando Prats – Vuelo & Sobrevuelo

17.11 – 22.10 / 2014
Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva

Moving between performance and painting, Fernando Prats shows, aestheticises and exalts the work of the elements. Using a “smoke machine,” he blackens with charcoal smoke pieces of paper in various formats. These will be the canvases on... + more

Vuelo & Sobrevuelo
Jorge Pedro NUNEZ – Entre Machine et moi Machin

12.06 – *.11 / 2014
Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris

For his third solo show at Galerie Crèvecoeur, Jorge Pedro Núñez presents an abstract landscape, between sculpture and in-situ installation, composed by geometric figures human-scale based, featuring machine and motor. Symbols of the modern era defined by “the... + more

Doris Salcedo – Hiroshima Art Prize

19.07 – 13.10 / 2014
Hiroshima MOCA, Hiroshima
Winner of the 9th Hiroshima Art Prize Decided Ms. Doris Salcedo

The City of Hiroshima has selected the winner of the 9th Hiroshima Art Prize, Ms. Doris Salcedo (born 1958 in Bogota, Colombia, where she currently resides)

About the... + more

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Pangea: New Art from Africa and Latin America

02.04 – 02.11 / 2014
Saatchi Gallery, London

In its most recent exhibition entitled Pangea: New Art from Africa and Latin America, the Saatchi Gallery in London showcases the artistic production of some of the youngest and most innovative artists from Africa and Latin America.

To contextualize... + more

Fleeting Imaginaries

05.09 – 02.11 / 2014
CIFO Art Space, Miami

2014 CIFO Grants & Commissions Program Exhibition
The title of this exhibition refers to the development of that which is imagined and the symbolic production of shared images. Although we are accustomed to identifying images that correspond... + more

Installation view of Fleeting Imaginaries at CIFO, 2014.
Angelica Detanico/Rafael Lain – Comme des gouttes de pluie sur la lune

06.09 – 25.10 / 2014
Galerie Martine Aboucaya, Paris

Comme des gouttes de pluie sur la lune (As raindrops on the moon), is the new and sixth personal exhibition of Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain at Martine Aboucaya Gallery.

Fascinated by what lies beyond man and understanding... + more

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Ricardo Brey – Kicking the can down the road

10.09 – 25.10 / 2014
Nathalie Obadia Gallery, Brussels

The Nathalie Obadia Gallery, Brussels, is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ricardo Brey, the Cuban artist, now living and working in Belgium, thus rekindling historical ties, as the gallery exhibited his work for the first... + more

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Adriano Costa – Touch me I am geometrically sensitive

28.08 – 27.09 / 2014
Sadie Coles HQ, London

From August to October 2014, Brazilian artist Adriano Costa presents his first solo exhibition in London – also his first with Sadie Coles HQ. Made over a period of two months in London during the lead-up to... + more

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