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Ricardo Brey – Fuel to the fire

M HKA, België

“My style is thinking. I think, and while this keeps on working (touching his head) and academe doesn’t petrify it, I will be an artist, just as I am dreaming to be in this exact moment. This is what allows a liquid,... + more

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06.02 – 26. 04/2105.
Kadist Art Foundation, Paris

Canibalia is a research and exhibition project curated by Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga around the figure and notion of the cannibal. Gathering artists from North and South America, Portugal and Spain, the exhibition will entail a visual exploration on the... + more

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Siempre el Horizonte

Max Estrella, Madrid

Artists: Felipe Arturo, Leyla Cárdenas, Elena Damiani, Miler Lagos y Sara Ramo.
Curator: Iciar Sagarminaga

The horizon is a perceptual phenomenon whose presence only exists through the gaze. It occurs in an intangible space, in an ever-changing, unattainable limit. For this reason, this... + more

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Sebastián Diaz Morales – Ficcionario

14.02 – 26.04/2015
Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing

“Sebastian Diaz Morales is a character from fiction. Nobody is absolutely homogenous at every hour of the day and night. We are constantly presenting a multitude of facets of our ourselves, we are transformed by the moon’s rays and other... + more

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M/Other Tongue

23.01 – 28. 02/ 2015
Tenderpixel, London

“I have but one language — yet that language is not mine”, wrote Jacques Derrida in what is supposed to be an autobiographical essay, reflecting on the loss of one’s mother tongue as a consequence of colonialism in Algeria.... + more

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Jorge Macchi – Spectrum

14.03 – 10.05/ 2015
Le 19 CRAC, Montbéliard

A key figure in the international contemporary art scene, Jorge Macchi has, for over 25 years now, been honing a rigorous and poetic body of work.His output blends formal components with haiku-like visuals. It stands at... + more

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Proyect Gallery: Diego Bianchi

19.02 – 26.07/2015
Pérez Art Museum, Miami

Interested in erosion, entropy, decadence, and destruction, Diego Bianchi (b. 1969, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is producing a new large-scale installation for PAMM’s project gallery adjacent to the museum’s main entrance. Bianchi is known for his multi-part sculptural projects using... + more

La Fabrique des Images – Saison 3

20.02-21.03/2015 Instituto de México, París

Three Mexican artists (Centro de la Imagen, Escurla of Fine Arts – La Esmeralda and Multimedia Centre National Arts Centre – CENART) that are currently in France (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles, École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence and... + more

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  • focus . museums
    Concepción 41

    Director: Maria Rondeau

    Concepción 41 is a critical space, open to creative and experimental artistic practices and the development of cultural knowledge focused on interdisciplinary and intercultural... + more

  • focus . museums
    Casa del tiempo

    Founded in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, México

    It is located in a building that in the early last century was the home of Ezequiel Padilla. An artistic... + more

    Casa del tiempo
  • focus . galleries
    Ramos Merederos

    Founded in 2013 in Republica Dominicana
    Director: Rossy Ramos y Beatriz Mederos

    + more

    Rejas, Sillas, Vestidos, Muñecas y Plátano
15 May -17 Jun, 2014
  • focus . museums
    Museo Amparo

    Founded in 1991 in Puebla, Mexico
    Director:Ramiro Martínez

    The Museo Amparo is located in Puebla’s Historic Center, lodged in an extraordinary viceregal building, originally the... + more

    Museo Amparo
  • focus . residencies

    Founded in 2012 in San José del Rincón – Santa Fe, Argentina
    Director: Cintia Clara Romero

    Curator is a residence for artists concocted from a... + more

    La Casa