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Le bruit des choses qui tombent

Le bruit des choses qui tombent (The sound of things falling)*

Curator: Albertine de Galbert
FRAC PACA (Marseille, France)
//from December 2, 2017 to February 18, 2018//

As part of the France-Colombia year this exhibition presents a selection of Colombian artists works in dialog with the FRAC PACA collection.

What do we fear of? What are the objects and effects of our fears? How can we represent it? How can we use it? What does it make us say? What doest it say about our relationship with the world and our relationship with the other? Should we stop being afraid? How could we conjure fear? How can we domesticate it, understand it? How can we “surprise the catastrophe”?

Psychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik recently stated that the role of art is to “reshape the inevitable suffering of the human condition.” It is not, then, to annihilate fear but to confront it, to assimilate it in order to deactivate it.

The manipulative and sometimes paralyzing media images oppose the works presented in the exhibition that have a different narrative time. Visual and sensory experiences, immersive or ephemeral respond to different spatio-temporal contexts, and offer us some clues to disarm fear through understanding, humor or attention.

Jürgen Albrecht, Ever Asturillo, Alberto Baraya, Berdaguer&Péjus, Johanna Calle, Santiago Cárdenas, Arnaud Claass, Tony Cragg, Francis Gomila,Beatriz González, Rodney Graham, Laurent Grasso, Leonardo David Herrera, Fabrice Hyber, Paulo Licona, Norman Mejía, Ana María Millán, Oscar Muñoz, Alex Rodriguez,Miguel Ángel Rojas, Maria Isabel Rueda, Doris Salcedo,  Edwin Sánchez, Jean Luc Verna, Martin Walde

*This exhibition takes it’s title from a novel by the Colombian writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez published in 2011.

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