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Catalina Tuca

Born in 1977 in Santiago, Chile.

My work is based on the processes of observation, recollection and placing on stage of objects, images and materialities taken form urban and domestic spaces. These objects create dialogues and connect between them through its significant possibilities and formal characteristics playing with the displacements of the artistic languages. Painting, photography and installation are media to re-create fictional spaces that, in some way shared, are able to speak about identities of people and places and everyday life personal or collective memories.

Solo exhibitions:
2012 – SUGINAMI SKY – Youkobo Art Space – Tokyo, Japón.
2012 –REMIX – Galería Oficina Barroca – Santiago.
2008 –ESPACIOS PARA VIVIR Y MORIR –  Sala Chile, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes – Santiago.
2005 –REPETICION UNICA – Centro Cultural de España – Santiago.
2005 –URGENTE – Corporación Cultural de Las Condes – Santiago.
2004 –(DE) PIE – Galería Cal y Canto, Estación Cal y Canto – Metro de Santiago.

Collective exhibitions:
2014 – LUCK THAI 199 – Oficina Barroca para CHACO Feria de Arte Contemporáneo – Santiago.
2013 – LIMITE Y TERRITORIO: ESPACIO PRIVADO/ La forma de le Memoria – Sala de Carga – Santiago.
2006 – ESPECIES DE ESPACIOS – Intervención pública  Estación Metro Quinta Normal – Santiago.
2005 – DEPOSITE AQUÍ –  Galería Metropolitana – Santiago.

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