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Elena Damiani

Born in 1979 in Lima, Peru
Lives and works in London, UK

In Damiani’s practice architecture functions as a device to represent diverse notions of landscape and society. The subject of ruins as depictions of transience of all manmade creations and reminders of our own mortality has been predominant in her work.

The deconstruction and recreation of desolated and disrupted sites allow Damiani to elaborate a poetic about territory where images oscillate from a fractured historical past to fictions of a rapidly approaching tomorrow. In that sense the locations she depicts can function both as retrospective portraits and as a prospective glimpse towards the future.

More recently the monumental subject and discussions concerning memory have played a critical role in the work of Damiani, which reflects today’s obsessions with memory, the archival, and musealization, in a society fearful by the danger of oblivion.


2015/2016- Elena Damiani – Testigos : un catalogo de Fragmentos, MUAC, Mexico
2013 – Elena Damiani – Frauke Dannert, Selma Feriani Gallery, London (upcoming)
2013 – Elena Damiani – Steven Baelen, Elaine Levy Project, Brussels
2012 – La Historia Se Descompone En Imagenes No En Historias, Revolver Galeria, Lima
2013 – 9th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre (upcoming)
2013 – Materia Prima, CAC Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Quito
2013 – Ciclorama, Museo Tamayo, Mexico City
2013 – Bajo el Sol de la Muerte, Espacio Minimo, Madrid
2012 – How to Solve Problems In The Office, Trade Gallery, Nottingham
2012 – Project 35 Volume 2, SH Contemporary, Shanghai
2012 – The Unethical Anthropologist, Fold Gallery, London
2012 – Accidental Purpose, QUAD, Derby
2012 – Culturas en transito. Panoramica del Videoarte en Peru, CCE, Santiago and Montevideo
2012 – Sleeping Upright presents Reception Area, Nottingham
2012 – Dias negros, Revolver Galeria, Lima
2012 – In Forward Reverse, Schwartz Gallery, London
2012 – Reading Complex Act IV: Sans Titre, Government Art Collection, London
2012 – Revolver Galeria, Nueveochenta Arte Contemporaneo, Bogota
2012 – BCC Contemporaries Cologne. Cologne
2012 – Back to the future, Breese Little Gallery, London
2012 – P’s Correspondence, Selma Feriani Gallery, London
2012 – Inside the Whale, FaMa Gallery, Verona
2011 – Elena Damiani / Alöis Godinat – Elaine Levy Projects, Brussels, Belgium
2011 – Materia Prima – 8º Bienal do Mercosul, Atelier Subterranea, Porto Alegre, Brazil
2011 – The Second Treasury of Stanleth – Selma Feriani Gallery, London, UK
2011 – Vanishing point Vantage point – Dohyang Lee Galerie, Paris, France
2010 – Des-habitables – Architecture Biennale of Medellin, Spanish Cultural Centre, Espacio OTR, Medellin, Lima and Madrid
2007 – Sites – Galeria Vertice, Lima, Peru
2005 – Geo – Sala Luis Miró Quesada Garland, Lima, Peru

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