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Florencia Guillen

Born in 1978 in Mexico City
Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico

The core themes of my work are social observation and narration. Public spaces have thus provided most of the material from which I have created my artwork.  Using different media including video, sound, text, drawing, and photography, I roam across a variety of locations from urban neighbourhoods and industrial areas to villages to entire continents documenting activities, people and everyday life objects.  I see my role as an artist as one who participates in the subjective writing of history and I see art as a catalyst of social change.

I draw inspiration from travel and everyday life in different places of the world and use my encounters to gain new perspectives.  Intrinsic to my work is to create collaborations and encounters with people I encounter. In doing this, I seek to shift platforms for art production and its context.

Solo Exhibition
2016 – Lip Sync, Arredondo/Arozarena – Proyecto Vitrina, Ciudad de México
2016 – Hola y Adiós, Artere-a, Guadalajara, México.
2016 – Uzok, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Filipinas.
2015 – Humo, Arena México Arte Contemporáneo, Guadalajara, México.

Collective Exhibition
2016 – Estudio Abierto Siete- Escuela de los Comunes, Museo de Arte de Zapopan, México.
2015 – LARA project 2014, Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico.
2015 – La aparente bolición de las apariencias, Impronta, Guadalajara, Mexico
2015 – Rumorosa: Sinuosidad visual y auditiva en el paisaje, Galería Tal Cual, Mexico City, Mexico.
2015 – Poemas Tonales, Barrio Chino. Colaboración con Amanda Gutiérrez apoyado por Centro de Multimedia, CENART, Mexico City, Mexico
2014 – Versus 2 – Oscilación con H, Centro Cultural Border, DF, México.
2014 – La Voluntad de la Piedra, Museo Carrillo Gil, DF, México, Museo de Artes de Sonora,
Hermosillo, El Amparo, Puebla, CEART, Tijuana.

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