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José Dávila

Born in 1974 in Mexico
Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico

Dávila’s work has been fueled by the interest in the relation between place and fiction, space and temporality under architecture as a concurrent theme. His ouvre is presented in a range of supports such as sculpture, photography and installation.

Dávila first exhibition was in 1996 and has exhibited since in institutions and places like PS1, New York; Kunstwerke, Berlin; San Diego Museum of Art; Reina Sofia, Madrid; Prague Biennale, Camden Arts Centre, London; Museé de Art Moderne, Saint-Etienne; Fundazione Brogovico 33, Lake Como; IVAM, Valencia; among others.

His work has been featured in international publications such as Cream 3 by ed. Phaidon, 100 Latin-American artists by ed. Exit and Megastructures-Reloaded by ed. Hatje Cantz.

Dávila has been recipient of support from the Andy Warhol Foundation, Kunstwerke residency in Berlin and the National Grant for young artists by the Mexican Arts Council (FONCA) in 2000.
He is also the director and co-founder of an artist run space (OPA) in Guadalajara, Mexico where he currently lives and works.

2012 – Rotary connection – Casey Kaplan, New York
2012 – Wir sind alle astronauten -MARTa, Herford, Germany
2010 – Continuous space – MARCO, Vigo
2010 – The white cabinet – Fundación colección JUMEX, México city
2009 –Where do we go from here? – Bass Museum of Art, Miami
2009 – Panorama. Foreigners everywhere – Museu do Arte Moderna, Sao Paul
2008 – Whats my name? – HIST, Ghent, Belgium
2005 – Domicile – Muse d’art moderne, Saint Etienne
2005 – Farsites: urban symptoms – San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego
2005 – Eco. Mexican contemporary art – Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid
2002 – Mexico City: An Exhibition about the exchange rate of bodies and values– PS1, New York and Kunstwerke, Berlin
2002 – Sauvage – La Panadería, Mexico City
2001 – Temporality is a question of survival – Camden Arts Centre, London
2000 – Open Studio – Braziers workshop. Oxfordshire, England
1999 – Searching for an unconquered place – Museo Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City

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