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Pier Stockholm

Born in 1977 in Lima, Peru.
Lives and works in Paris, France.

In the past few years my studio has entered my art practice. My work deals for instance with my tools and materials as well as the way they are organised. Enlivening the reality of daily routine defined by ordinary objects such as office supplies and practical paraphernalia, I’m offering different possibilities to an otherwise strict reading of reality. I charge existing objects and materials with new meanings.

My working method consists of delineating an area and creating rules, similar to the lines in a sport court. Rules are like deadlines and too much freedom is a burden. My work often starts with a rule that I set myself or by drawing a geometric diagram, a colour chart or another existing system. Working on them, I allow unexpected things to happen. That’s what it is all about.

My work constantly references to XIX and XX century explorers like Ernest Shackleton whose Endurance and Resistance play a role in my art practice. Due to my architectural background I have special interest in Modernist esthetics specially Bauhaus and old school technical drawing. I like to work in a scale that fits the hand although I don’t restrict myself to it. I believe that the manual scale tends to generate tension by the will to grab the object.

My ideas are translated in various ways: prints, sculpture installations, floor and pedestal based works, and drawings. I engage in repetitive actions (drawing lines for instance) that serve the purpose of focusing on the process instead of the end result. I value intimacy with the materials whereas the esthetical output is cold pure minimalistic forms and primary colors: a clash of warm intimate approach with cold gestures.

2016 – STOCKHOLM X CENTRAL DE MAQUETAS. Peana Projects + Studio Aldo Chaparro + Central De Maquetas, Mexico City
2015 – Solo booth. UNTITLED. Miami, USA
Do & Hope. Gleichapel. Paris, France
Idées Multiples. Galerie des Galeries. Paris, France
2014 – Elephant Island. Galería Lucía de la Puente. Lima, Peru
2013 – Time & Tide (flow wide). Galeria Casado Santa Pau. Madrid, Spain
Head On. Lisabird Contemporary. Vienna, Austria
2012 – Prismatic – solo exhibition at Casa Triângulo Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil
2011 – Usurpation: Le Folklore – Lucia de la Puente Gallery. Lima, Peru
2010 – INRI – Casa Triângulo Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil
2010 – Everyday(s) – Curated by Fabienne Bernardini and An Schiltz. Casino Luxembourg-Forum d’art contemporain.  Luxembourg
2009 – God(and Le Corbusier) promises a safe landing (but not a calm voyage) – Casado SantaPau Gallery. Madrid, Spain

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