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Galería Alonso Garces

Founded in Bogotá, Colombia 1977
Directed by Alonso Garces

Since it’s foundation in 1977, the Garces Velazquez Gallery today Alonso Garces Gallery has led the way in the promotion of Colombian and international art. The Gallery also shows and exemplary commitment to the education of the public through its activity at international art fairs and the quality of the artists it represents. The Gallery organizes an average of 6 exhibitions every year.
Since 1979 the Gallery has participated at FIAC (París, 1978-1988), ARCO (Madrid, 1991_1997), FIA (Caracas), International Art Fair Chicago (1984) and nowadays participates in the International Art Fair in Bogotá – Art Bo.

Luis Caballero –  Clemencia Echeverri – Francisco Fernandez – Beatriz González – Natalia Granada – Kcho – Sol Lewitt – Luis Morales –  Delcy Morelos – Jorge Riveros – Ana María Rueda – Carolina Rodríguez –  Thomas Ruff –  Julio Parra – Carlos Rojas – Bernardo Salcedo – Fanny Sanin – Hiroshi Sugimoto – Manolo Vellojin – Luis Fernando Zapata

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