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Galería La Cometa

Founded in 1987 in Bogotá, Colombia.
Directed by Esteban Jaramillo

La Cometa Gallery opened its doors 29 years ago, always dedicated to constantly present innovative art. Our team works for the gallery to be a space for plural artistic projects and wide audiences.
Strategically located in the north of Bogota, in a large space filled with natural light, terraces, sculptures, exhibition halls, a library, and a working area, where a team of 15 professionals work to make this gallery increasingly visible in the international art scene.

Through these 29 years of experience, La Cometa has participated in different international art fairs, organized and presented hundreds of exhibitions with the participation of great Latin America, universal artists and emerging talents. These efforts have allowed the gallery to become an important reference for the Latin American art market and a space for the development of cultural dialogues.


Nowadays the gallery works within two lines of artworks, modern and contemporary.
Among the modern:
Olga de Amaral – Luis Caballero – Alejandro Obregón – Fernando Botero – David Manzur – Carlos Rojas – Hugo Zapata – Manolo Vellojín – Santiago Cardenas – Manuela Hernandez – Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar – Jesus Rafael Soto, Omar Rayo
Among the contemporary:
Rafael Gomez Barros – Pablo Tamayo – Ana González – Tomas Ochoa – Nadir Figueroa – Pablo Guzmán, Leonardo Ramos – Lina Leal – Alejandro Tobón – Sair García.

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