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Alejandro Cersarco – Secondary Revision

12.12/2013 – 23.02/2014
Frac Île-de-France / Le Plateau, Paris

Curator: Xavier Franceschi

Frac Île-de-France/Le Plateau is presenting the first solo exhibition in Paris of the work of Alejandro Cesarco, a young, New York-based artist from Uruguay.
Within the framework of an approach closely linked to conceptual art, Cesarco concerns himself with the translation of reality; his works – whether drawings, photographs, printed matter or videos – recurrently tackle issues relating to narration, memory and language.

In this context, the artist states his affinities with some of his illustrious predecessors, notably in the fields of literature and cinema, who have, like him, attempted to redefine the modes of retranscription of our perceptions of the world.

In addition to a selection of the artist’s major works to date, one will find works produced specially for the show. Pieces by Jack Pierson, Louise Lawler and Félix Gonzales Torres complete the exhibition, playing a fundamental part in the overall score Alejandro Cesarco has composed for us.

Secondary Revision: in the Freudian sense, secondary revision is the moment in which we connect and make sense of the multiple images that appear in our dreams; there is no doubt that the same principle of crystallization – a second interpretation in short – is in operation here with regard to the many sources which inspire the artist.


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