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Celemania – A mexican scene.

27.11/2014 – 01.02/2015

28 Ateliers internationaux du Frac des pays de la Loire.

As detectives thar reconstruct the story with fragments of the past and the present, there is a great curiosity in contemporary art for maneuver , interpret , and dig in events that are happening. These events are highlighted and identified as inconclusive : invaded by black holes that give rise to different interpretations.
The projects of the six artists invited to participate in the residency program of Frac des Pays de la Loire 2014 are Diego Berruecos , Santiago Borja , Andrea Chirinos , Cynthia Gutierrez, Gabriel Rosas German, Jorge Satorre- (…) What one may perceive directly and indirectly through various strategies , media and forms- is an attempt to address situations, conditions , stories or events beyond where different openings are identified , to be completed momentarily . Each artist will draw their own access to personal artistic explorations through creative solutions that allow you to explore unresolved contexts, which produce more than a truth or fiction, an imaginary field of symbolic reconstruction . The catalog of these projects, considering the temporary space that enables the residence and other forms of communication tools and access to jobs , will act exactly as platforms for reflection and potential contradictions registration under construction. The displacement of the common logic , include intellectual , creative and provocative performatic worlds.

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