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Enrique Ramirez – De latitudes en portrait

Galerie Jeune Création, Paris

Is there any distance? Or perhaps what divides us are imaginary lines drawn for a place we know to embrace what we ignore? Since where do we measure the immensity of the sea?

De latitudes en portrait is a set of works, small formats, linked to each other, inviting us to consider intimately the immensity of the world, and especially the history of Chili 40 years after the coup d’état.

In the first series coordinates and lines etched on the glass trying to situate us in a particular laceration of the vastness of the globe, and come to contextualize a journey expending in our imagination, but also in the political history of Chili. A second series of videos and photo negatives invite us to discover seascapes, thus the viewer is transformed  into a permanent guardian of the horizon…

The works that comprises De latitudes en portraits, have a poetic, but also a politic background, as they not only reply on what is sensitive to the relationship between the images, but also lead to a visual reflection on what is imperceptible. ” One thing is to cmtemplate the extension from the shelter of the land, another thing is to venture into it”*
*MASON, Peter. “NI À L’EST NI À L’OUEST : 0° – 18°09. RECALIBRER. ”.  Oceán, Dunkerque: éditions Pylône 2013, p. 51


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Jeune création
24 rue Berthe
75018 Paris

tuesday-saturday 11am-6pm

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