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11.01 – 22.02 / 2014
Bendana Pinel, Paris

To pursue the promotion of the new generation of Brazilian artists, BENDANA | PINEL ART CONTEMPORAIN has the pleasure to present its new exhibition «JANEIRO»; with the works of Pablo Lobato, Pedro Motta and Camila Sposati, and which mixes photographs and contemporary drawings.

Pablo Lobato … Repouso [Rest] a work from 2008 that also recognizes them as a dynamic element. Pablo Lobato roamed the streets of Belo Horizonte to gather fallen flowers from trees like ipê, jacarandá and sibipiruna. In Repouso, the artist’s gesture consists of returning them to the urban space by composing geometric shapes on the sidewalks, corners, bridges and plazas. Left to the action of time and free contact with passersby, the becoming of these chromatic points creates a poetic zone in an urban landscape. As in Outono, the artist requalifies a space through the insertion of a deviant element that can generate phenomenological and symbolic relationships with the conventional and normative data that present themselves there. Differently from public gardens where the spaces are rationally plotted in an urban plan that delimit domesticated and functional nature, these shapes give themselves to the city’s undetermined flow, despite their initial geometric rigidity (a latent state of contention) that will be undone. The dialectic between the order of civilization and savage nature has its terms confused through this proposition. In these works, it is possible to recognize a recurring interest in liberating poetic potentialities retained in the most unexpected and trivial

Pedro Motta «Natureza das Coisas» (Nature of Thinks) questions the relationship between nature and human intervention. Our coexistence with the natural environment confronts us with situations we do not believe or we doubt that they actually exist. Pedro Motta develops the perception of the real and the fake. This series- photographs and drawings that are digitally manipulated- addresses the disproportionate power of nature considered as a singling factor landscape contained in a geographic space- a place of integration and interaction. This is a testament of how the landscape changes and breaks up today. This work was awarded the BES Photo Prize 2013 and was exhibited at Colecão, Museu Berardo in Lisbon and Tomie Othake Institute in Sao Paulo.

Camila Sposati In my drawings, there is a ‘carving’ or ‘peeling’ feature/action that needs to be accomplished in order to find elements or forms that bring back to memory certain aspects of the Neoconcrete movement. A series of layers – 50 sheets of paper – compose the full form of the drawing. Rules were devised so that along the process of making the drawing there would either have to be one or more circular cut-out shapes or one or more geometric shapes – squares, rectangles, triangles, lozenges, hectagons or non-geometric lines. The shape can only have one full colour. As with crystals, the drawing also grows in layers, although you can see them not by transparency, but by ‘peeling off’ the sheets/layers of paper. The drawing is finished once I had completed all the pages, according to one of the rules mentioned above. I considered the pages as layers that made the drawing grow. I related the pages to stages of a long process of stratification, a geological ‘clock’.


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