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Julieta Aranda – If a body meet a body

09.05 – 30.06 / 2013
Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce

Julieta Aranda’s solo show at Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce revolves around an intentionally wrong title. If a body meet a body is a quotation from JD Salinger’s renowned novel The Catcher in the Rye: its protagonist, wondering about his own future and destiny, changes the strophe of an eighteenth century poem, transforming the verse “if a body meet a body” in “if a body catch a body.”

Julieta Aranda’s reserach investigates on the idea of time and on the social structure of our daily life. Her projects often reflect on economical relations in the art context, and around themes as information, activism, participation and collaboration. For her show in Genoa, she insists on the importance of the relationship with the body, from which unlimited possibilities can spring. Some of the works on display in the museum’s spaces have been created especially for the occasion and are a reflection on the dangerous dichotomy between manual and intellectual work in the era of new economy and ‘semiocapitalism’ (an example is the installation A few horrifying moments of lucidity, 2013).
Inspired by some of the works in Villa Croce’s collection (by Guido Galletti, Guido Micheletti e Savina Morra), the artist creates an ideal community of heads, separated from their body and their physicality. In parallel a group of hands is placed on the floor (Rolling on some stunning ground, 2013). Head and hand, body and thought permeate the exhibition and appear as the polarities of a state of separation, disharmony, independence.

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