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Leticia Ramos – VOSTOK, 2014

19.03 – 03.05/2015
CAPC, musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux

Leticia Ramos’ work, which includes photography, film, installation and performance, focuses on the re-creation of places and different geographies. For her installations, she films arrangements consisting of miniature models she has constructed herself, often using an elaborate recording system. Leticia Ramos creates special atmospheres associated with exploration, referring to a certain mystery, a strangeness tinged with a fairy-like quality. An interest in obscure geographical places explored by men, and questions concerned with the laws regulating the world, lead her to create links between the scientific and the imaginary, documentary and fiction. Through these complex geographical narratives, Ramos questions men’s relation to their environment, whether it is natural or urban.

For VOSTOK, 2014, the artist takes her inspiration from the recent publication of discoveries made by a Russian research station of the same name, set up on the shores of Lake Vostok in Antarctica. By situating the film in the future and associating science-fiction codes with those of documentary film, VOSTOK presents a recreation of an underwater environment, conjuring up submerged landscapes in the depths of the sea, as if lost in time

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