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Lotty Rosenfeld. Por Una Poética De La Rebeldía

Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo
08.03 / 21.07 / 2013

By the end of the 1970s, Chile was a country under military dictatorship. This background provided Rosenfeld (Santiago de Chile, 1943) with plenty of materials to make an art that transcended the bounds of her repressive reality. Addressing the complexity of her country’s daily life without reproducing it, Rosenfeld’s art carries the viewers into her nonconformity with all situations that violate human rights, regardless of whether they are dictated by callous generals or determined by the indistinguishable maneuvers of a market economy.

Performance, media-based art, photography and installations in public and private spaces are nowadays assimilated by the art world. In the 70s, however, when Rosenfeld began her artistic career, these media were developing outside of the understanding of the critical mainstream. Like many whose career started in the 70s, Rosenfeld was influenced by Conceptual Art, Fluxus and its actions, and the legacy of Dadaism. She became an active member of CADA, an interdisciplinary group of Chilean artists and writers (Diamela Eltit, Raúl Zurita, Juan Castillo, and Fernando Balcells) engaged in critical reflection and activism around Art and Politics – an urgent dilemma, especially given the dictatorial status of Chile in l980s.

Por una poética de la rebeldía includes works produced from 1979 to 2009, plus a new version of A Mile of Crosses on the Road. This show encompasses, therefore, twenty years of rigorous artistic practice, exploring the ways that art and political views can create contexts where art and politics come together outside of the conventional canon.

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