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Marcos Ávila Forero – Estenopéica. Conflictos rurales

04.04 – 17.06/2015
Chateau des Adhemar, Valence

Marcos Avila Forero is a Colombian-French artist fascinated by the movements of peoples, ideas and cultures. He Explores the territories: the political and social context, and the stories of people are the foundation of his work, exploring the imaginary journey and memory. Using local material, poor, symbolic of Colombia, very important for trade and survival of populations (jute, paddles, boats, etc.), he expresses in murals, videos, group work…

In the Château des Adhemar, he displays a series of recent works about the “myth of the cave”, and others site specific. All are part of the way to reveal the traditions, for example “Atrato”, a video installation in which “local residents recover their customs and make the river an instrument, where ” an habitual violence becomes music”. This project was useful as a pilot project in a program of recovery of assets managed by independent government and local agencies, or as “palenqueros” these drums transformed by his performance in a trip and made with a group of artisans who have certain traditional skills of the region Dordoña in order to revisit the manufacture of instruments of the Palenquera culture.

Marcos will produce a giant camera obscura that will allow to build images and make pinhole photography. The whole scenery offers a glimpse of the rich, multisensory microcosmos of this young designer on issues of society, identity and plastic…

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