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Mind Maps

11.04 – 21.06/2015
Galería Paula Alonso, Madrid

The use of mind maps is a widespread practice in a present marked by the accessibility to information and not necessarily to their interpretation. Mind maps visually organize information from a concept, usually located in the center, which allows associations using words and images. It is a system that works very much like it does our brain that establishes partnerships organically. Originally, mind maps were used as a methodology to display and arrange ideas in creative processes, to learn or in disciplines such as engineering and psychology, among others. Currently, working with  mind maps is not only effective, but “the key to success” if we follow the ads of the software programs who market them. There are a lot of artists who have used mind maps as methodology work or presentation, not so much intended to be effective, but as a way of understanding the world, to create personal or idiosyncratic stories and to discover twisted plots or conspiracies.

Jeremy Deller, Patricia Esquivias, Clara Montoya, Raimond Chaves / Gilda Mantilla, Gonzalo Elvira and Mark Lombardi are some of the artists working in these coordinates.

Curator:  Montse Badia

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