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Moukimbi Moukengui – Marcos Avila Forero

05.10 / 2013 – 04.01 / 2014
Centre d’art contemporain Paserelle, Brest

The work of the French-Colombian artist Marcos Avila Forero deals with the complex and sometimes violent reality. He makes a personal and artistic commitment within the context of such political and social situations. His work embodies these experiences, tales and journey. These micro-fictions made from hodgepodge, try less to demonstrate or to inform than to confront temporalities and geographies which should not have met.

Palenqueros (2013) are series of emblematic drums from the Palenque culture, a community born from the colonial era in Latin America rebel territory and built by black escapees. These instruments are originally an adaptation of African Bantu drums. Investigating the dynamics of migration and movement, Marcos Avila Forero had them produced by Dordogne’s craftsmen, a strategic region in the triangular trade.

Practical informations
41, rue Charles Berthelot
F – 29200 Brest
open Tuesday from 2pm to 8pm and Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm  to 6.30pm
Closed Sundays, Mondays and holidays

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