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Nayda Collazo-Llorens – An Exercise in Numbness and Other Tales

September 6–October 5, 2012
James W. and Lois I. Richmond Center for Visual Arts

An Exercise in Numbness and Other Tales evidences and furthers the artist’s ongoing inquiry on human perception and mental processes. The volume and visual complexity of the James W. and Lois I. Richmond Center for Visual Arts’ Albertine Monroe-Brown Gallery sets the framework for the artist’s largest and most complex exhibition to date.

Encompassing multiple references and conceptual strategies, the exhibition consists of three works functioning as a series of networks or an interconnected system taking over the architectural space. Comfortably Numb is an ongoing archive consisting mostly of collected printed matter and text. Over 1,500 framed images comprise this amalgam of sampled visual information functioning as detritus and bits of data, which confront, as much as invite navigation. ESCaperucita & Little Flying Hood, consisting of 26 prints on aluminum, is a text-based work depicting the characters’ journey through an area of turbulence in the form of textual noise. What begins with a coded signal, factual data and a lovers’ dialogue, evolves into a stream of consciousness rambling, exploring the creative potential inherent in electronic forms of communication as a hybrid language that is able to intermix and transcend both digital and analog spaces. Unfolding the Triangle: Lake Michigan is an expansive installation exploring location as a geographic, imaginary and psychological territory. A series of connections and multiple narratives are interwoven in this large-scale spatial configuration combining mapped anamorphic lines, found text and images, drawings, objects, a central room with a four-channel video installation, mirrors, and a large scale drawing on the room’s top surface (only viewable from the building’s second floor). This is the third and most elaborate installment of the Unfolding the Triangle series, which started in 2009 at The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh.

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James W. and Lois I. Richmond Center for Visual Arts
1903 West Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
(269) 387-2455

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