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Present is a Burning Building – Arturo Hernández Alcázar

19th March – 1st June
Galerie Dukan, Paris

Present is a burning building groups a series of diverse pieces (partial resultants) that compose an uncertain and unbalanced equation developed during walks, derives, exchanges, an observations along the hollows and fissures of a collapsing system.

As a derivative sequence of encounters and reflections, Hernández-Alcázar’s works are composed by rests and fragments collected and assembled during those apparently non-purpose drifts articulated with specific contexts: a sort of interference introduced in a specific wave.

From diverse facts, like the last appearing of the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional) in Mexico South East, to personal experiences like living for some years in front of an empty building, being searching for abandoned or suspended constructions in Madrid, Hernández-Alcázar seeks for a direct resonance in the social  frame by this silent but constant approach to disaster.

“I think on impacts and forces as materials that become in temporary and unexpected alliances, perversions of  meaning and aberrant formations.”

Contained in documents, drawings, newspaper advertisements, sculptures, texts, collections, choreographies,  accumulations of material, objects, sculptures and actions, these pieces are remnants of those derives and drifts across the wastelands and ruins leaved back by the disaster predicted by Guy Debord some time ago.

*The phrase Present is a burning building, came from Verónica Gerber Bicecci’s piece: Trail, p. 21, 2012 based on  Portrait of an Invisible Man from Paul Auster

Practical Informations
Galerie Dukan
24, rue Pastourelle
75003 – Paris – France
Tuesday – Saturday : 1 – 7pm

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