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Rafael Reverón-Pojan: Super-block space and other species

September 23 – November 10, 2012
Astarté Gallery, Madrid

Rafael Reverón-Pojan (Caracas, 1969) is not an easy artist either to see or to follow. His rather scarce public projection is difficult to understand if we take into account the quality of his proposal that hides the rigorous, reflexive, precise and disturbing work of an artist that insists on thinking about problems of perception and visual language and on defining the characteristic sense of each project. An artist that is concerned about revealing the internal order of things and also about offering images that have as much synthesis as thought and as much final conclusion as beginning. His works tend to small scale and conciseness and, however, they behave as real microcosms or as independent universes.

Whoever approaches his works of art perceives a double sensation: on the one hand, a liking for textures and the epidermis that can be felt as close; on the other hand a set of references, personal and apparently hermetic.

We are not facing an artist that works with precise and dense references. His references are fragile. He is an artist that emphasizes that sensation of fragility by moving his objects far from the wall so that by means of complex solutions of threads, occasionally as if they were kites, some of them subsequently trapped in glass, as if they were small drawings, retained butterflies or maggots. Reverón-Pojan carries out his works by starting from a firm structure and a lot of echoes but he is capable of giving a place and a relevance to each of them, making them become the very centre at the same time. In some of his pieces he covers the cardboard with light successive layers of varnish to give it a presence and a sensation of stiffness while in some others he puts small fragments of rolled pieces of paper into a capsule thus creating complex maclic situations that expand with a vocation to either occupy the space or to centre it from their condition of small chamber pieces.

this second individual performance in the Astarté Gallery and with this in mind, the exhibition is presented very carefully, in a kind of chamber, in which nearly timeless small sized pieces made of materials that are fragile only in appearance coexist side by side with some more spatial ones where there is a constant obsession to focus on drawing out additional images visible inside the pieces, a changing of the place from which we observe them or relying on shadow effects that form real additional drawings on the walls. Reverón-Pojan gives it a title Super-block. Space and other species pointing out the first keys : the reference to architectural materials and, above anything else, to the recreation of space and to a light, shadowed and subtle disposition.

Practical Info
C/ Monte Esquinza 8, 28010, Madrid
(Metro Alonzo Martinez y Colon)

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