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Founded in 2003 in São Paulo, Brasil
Directors: Marcelo Amorim & Thais Rivitti

The Ateliê397 is a place dedicated to circulation, production and exhibition of contemporary art in Brazil. Located in Vila Madalena – a neighborhood well known for its intense cultural life in São Paulo – the Ateliê397 opened doors in 2003 and has gone through some changes to its organizational form since then. Currently, its main activities are editing and publishing books on artists, holding art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events, including video art sessions, performance shows, happenings, and concerts.

The Ateliê397ʼs actions are not solely based on market interests – it has a more dynamic and daring approach than that of major museum institutions. Its overriding purpose is to create an experimental agenda in line with the production of artists, critics and curators with innovative proposals.

It is coordinated by Marcelo Amorim and Thais Rivitti and plays an important role in encouraging discussions, creating opportunities for exhibition and reflection on the current art production.

So far, the Ateliê397 has already held 40 exhibitions, 10 video art shows and published 4 books, among numerous other occasional events, which occur on a regular basis and attract an audience mostly made up of professionals from the cultural area and university students.

14.10 / 02.12 / 2011 – Galpão de Testemunhos – Leo Resende Ferreira
14.10 / 02.12 / 2011 – Lampejo – Leandro Costa
29.03 / 27.05 / 2011 – A 4 graus do Equador – Simone Barreto, Waléria Américo, Mariana Smith, Enrico Rocha, Vitor Cesar, Clarice Lima, Danilo Carvalho, Ivo Lopes, Solon Ribeiro, Alexandre Veras, Milena Travassos, Yuri Firmeza, Patrícia Araújo, Márcio Távora e Coletivo Transição Listrada
18.09 / 29.10 / 2010 – REC > < GRU: Round Trip – A Casa como Convém, Amanda Melo, Bárbara Wagner,Branco do Olho, Bruno Vieira, Bruno Vilela,Carlos Mélo, Cristiano Lenhardt, Fernando Peres, Kilian Glasner,Lourival Cuquinha, Marcelo Coutinho, Oriana Duarte, Paulo Meira, Rodrigo Braga. (Ateliê397, São Paulo-Brazil)
30.07 / 26.08 / 2010 – Múltiplos397 – Fabio Flaks -Laura Huzak Andreato – Luiz Roque – Nazareno. (Ateliê397, São Paulo-Brazil)
26.10 / 24.11 / 2009 – Realidades Impossíveis – Bob N – Brígida Baltar – Cadu D’Oliveira – Carla Chaim – Carolina Ponte – Celina Portella – Chico Fernandes – Cristiano Lenhardt – Daniel Zarvos – Elisa Pessoa – Glaucia Mayer – Joao Penoni – Leo Ayres – Luiz Roque – Marcelo Amorim – Maria Laet – Mariana Leal – Marina Weffort – Marlon de Azambuja – Miha Mlaker – Nino Cais – Pedro Varela – Reginaldo Pereira – Rodrigo Torres.(Ateliê397, São Paulo-Brazil)

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