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Galería Gabriela Mistral

Founded in 1992 in Santiago, Chile
Director: Florencia Loewenthal

The Gabriela Mistral is a public exhibition space, noncommercial, located in the civic center of Santiago; its mission is to disseminate and promote the development of contemporary art on the emerging Chilean circuit, as well as strengthen the association of young people generation through networks of work.

27.03/27.04.2002 – The new ideal Line – Mario Navarro
09.05/09.06.2002 – Interior amanecer – Francisca García
24.04/24.05.2003 – El otro paisaje – Camilo Yañez
11.11/06.12.2003 – Hirano Ryo – Carlos Navarrete
19.05/03.07.2004 – Transformaciones de lo mismo – Magdalena Atria y Livia Marìn
04.11/18.12.2004 – Enero 7:25 – Monica Bengoa
26.05/02.06.2005 – Eco sistema – Bernardo Oyarzún
07.09/30.09.2006 – Máquina Condor – Demian Schop
19.10/30.12.2006 – JAAR SCL – Alfredo Jaar
18.03/30.04.2010 – Luces de Caos – Norton Maza

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