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Founded in 1961 in Lima, Peru
Directed by Natalia Majluf

The Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI holds the most representative art collection in Peru, tracing 3,000 years of history from the earliest Andean civilizations until modern times. Known as the Palacio de la Exposición, the building (1870-1871) that is now home to the museum is located at the entrance to the Lima’s historic center and is one of the earliest and most important works built using the new technique of cast-iron construction.

On the second floor you will find 34 recently renewed galleries with a selection of the most important works of our collection.

MALI has an active program of temporary exhibitions throughout the year which covers the highlights of local and international art. The temporary exhibition galleries, as well as the Café MALI, store, auditorium, library and education area, are located on the first floor.

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