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Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE)

Founded in 2003 in San Salvador, El Salvador
Programming Director of MARTE : Rafael Alas

MARTE Contemporáneo is a movement of young enthusiasts, artists, and collectors aiming to support the contemporary arts program at the Art Museum of El Salvador (MARTE).

The Museum program (interventions, lectures, collection, cultural exchanges, interships, etc.) are set forth by the Programs Director of the Museum.

MARTE Contemporáneo is composed by a board of directors composed of six volunteers: 4 young business persons and 2 artists with the goal of unifying and directing everyone who partakes in this movement with the following objectives:

• Obtain feedback from MARTE Contemporáneo’s audience to make recommendations to the Museum Programs Director
• Spearhead fundraising events
• Find and Present new ideas and proposals to the Programs Director
• Help grow the Museum’s Contemporary Art Collection
• Support independent proposals

MARTE Contemporáneo will attempt to challenge existing barriers that contemporary art faces in the traditional Salvadoran culture. It will introduce new proposals which will benefit primarily the artists and at the same time encourage a young and middle age public to contribute to this artistic sector through sponsorships, donations, ideas and collecting.


Last exhibitions:

17.01 – 17.03 / 2013 – SANDRA MONTERROSO – Efectos cruzados
07.09 – 14.10 / 2012 – MARIO SANTIZO -“El entierro del Conde de Orgaz”
07.09 – 12.10 / 2012 – NADIE –“Sacro”
19.04 – 17.06 / 2012 – Flores y Espinas – Un beso del cielo en los jardines del vicio
26.01 – 08;03 / 2012 – WALTERIO IRAHETA – Escala de Valores
21.06 – 25. 09 / 2011 –  Mesoparasitio – por Patricia Villalobos


Source: official website of MARTE

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