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Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende

Founded in 1991 in Santiago, Chile
Director: Claudia Zaldivar H.

In March of 1971 was held in Santiago a gathering of intellectuals called “Operation Truth”. Among others, José María Moreno Galván came from Spain and Carlo Levi came from Italy. Moreno Galván had the idea of creating an international museum to support the Government that presided Salvador Allende. Between 1971 and 1973 the museum received more than 500 pieces including paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, tapestries and photographs. The artworks that make up the Museum of Solidarity Salvador Allende are the product of the spirit of solidarity that inspired artists around the world who donated their works, expressing their support for social and political project that took place in Chile during the government of Salvador Allende. This factor is decisive, and results in a variety of artistic styles and medias aesthetic discourses, giving rise to a collection comprising around 500 works on display, that was shown twice before the 1973 Coup d’état. The recovery of democracy in Chile allowed the union of the artworks coming from the Museums of the Resistance from abroad to join the original background, making possible in September of 1991, the reopening of the Museo de la Solidaridad of Salvador Allende, held in the Museum of Fine Arts. MSSA is now one of the most important museums of modern art in Latin America, with one of the most representative collections of historical epoch, with 2,650 works, a figure that increases with the donation of new contemporary artists of historical significance.

22.03 – 26.05 / 2013 – Itineraria Fallida
22.03 – 26.05 / 2013 – Lautaro Labbé
22.03 – 26.05 / 2013 – Atentado al arte
22.03 – 26.05 / 2013 – Bordadoras de la Vida y de la Muerte
15.12 / 2012 – 27.01 / 2013 – Historias desde la Bruma
15.12 / 2012 – 27.01 / 2013 – Disconformidad
15.12 / 2012 – 27.01 / 2013 – Vencer o morir
26.10 – 02.12 / 2012 – Más alla de la xilografia
17.10 – 02.12 / 2012 – Basado en una historia real

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