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Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, MADC

Founded in 1994 in San Jose, Costa Rica
Director: Fiorella Resenterra

The museum was founded in 1994. Part of the complex of the former National Liquor Factory (FANAL), became a space to promote research, conservation and visibility of the latest trends and dynamics of contemporary art and design.
MADC has four exhibit galleries and an exterior exhibit space: Pila de la Melaza / the Molasses Vault, that is used for diverse multidisciplinary events (among others, performances, installations and music,) The museum also offer a video-library and documentation centre, where one can consult a grand array of audiovisual materials by Central American and international artists. These include video-art, documentaries about exhibits and performances. The library also hosts a wide range of art catalogues, art books and contemporary design books, which have been produced by the museum and other institutions.
Since its founding, MADC has carried out a great quantity of individual and collective exhibits by national and international artists. One of the principal objectives is to exhibit artists and curatorial visions related with aesthetic, cultural and social issues which affect the Central American region and the world. Equally the museum promotes the implementation of art competitions, and supports video-creation shows, digital art, emerging artists, among others, that contribute to the visibility and legitimise the most recent tendencies within contemporary art and design in the Central American region.


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