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Enrique Ramirez

26 January – 23 February, 2013
Galerie Martine et Thibault de la Châtre, Paris

By a singular and poetic approach, Enrique Ramirez films constitute a clean and estetic ensemble, caused by an economy of means engaging a polysemic discourse. We discover a work at the crossroads of disciplines (photography, cinema, literature, installation) where the artist is in control of the lyric precision and power of each one of them.

His work is crossed by the notion of trip and what it implies in terms of actors and locations. It can be conceived as a mental space that becomes visible to the person who undertakes physical displacement. It transmutes in a motor and receptacle of our desires, our hopes and our dreams. In the image of this personal experience the horizon takes action, according to the artist, as an imaginary line between two distinct points. bringing any desire to cross the line, what will we see beyond this border?

By the use of the camera Ramirez offers an open and allegorical visual translation of his doubts. The body of a passerby, a silhouette, a vast expanse of sand, water, rocks, a South American topographic set, reflecting the desire caused by the elsewhere. Otherness which finds its boundaries – even political – and ask us about the sustained tension between fantasy and reality.

For his first exhibition at the gallery Enrique Ramirez presents a set of five prints photos and a video called Dos. A Poetic and political work with regards to the universal migration, memory and history.

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