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Mediations biennale 2012: The Unknown

September 14 – October 14, 2012
Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan

Presenting the work of: Alice Miceli, Alex Villar, Regina Silveira, Adriana Varella, Paulo Bruscky, Charly Nijensohn, Gabriela Golder, Fernando Prats, Teresa Margolles, Oscar Muñoz.

The third edition of the Mediations Biennale -the largest exhibition of contemporary art in Poland and one of the major events of the kind in Central Europe- is entitled The Unknown and deals with the subject of the presence of the unknown and incomprehensible in the art, and yet what is being experienced  by the audience. The Biennial was held in Poznan (Poland) from September 14 till October 14, 2012; 98 artists from all over the world participated; the event was directed by 4 curators from diferents parts of the world: Denise Carvalho from Brazil, Friedhelm Mennekes from Germany, Fumio Nanjo from Japan & Tomasz Wendland from Poland.

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