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Taller 7

Founded in 2003 in Medellin, Colombia
Directed by: Adriana María Pineda, Julián Urrego, Carlos Carmona, Paola Gaviria y Mauricio Carmona Rivera

The residency program promotes exchanges among artists and curators and aims to establish a dialogue between local, national and international processes to deepen the discussion on artistic practices in Medellin. Its objective is not the production of specific projects but rather to provide a new context for the artists in residence hoping to enrich their experience and to build long term work relationships.

Taller 7 provides its residents with a place to work and live temporarily. The projects generated during their stay have the possibility of being made public through exhibitions, publications and academic activities (talks, conferences, etc.).

There are three ways of entrance to the program:

– Direct invitation.
– Open call.
– Direct application from those interested.

To see information of Taller 7 as a Exhibition Space, Click Here

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