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Adrede – EspIRA

Founded in 2001 in Managua, Nicaragua

The Space for Research and Artistic Reflection, EspIRA, is a non-profit association, based in Nicaragua, active since 2001. It is dedicated to the training of artists, with an art perspective as a source of enrichment for the human experience, and develop an Academic Residency for Emerging Artists Central, RAPACES.

Nicaraguan art is on fire. Finally, after years of work we can see a dynamic set of creators backed by solid research.

To promote and insert them in the international market, we created Adrede, pointing out that the artists associated with EspIRA can live through our work and that EspIRA can continue its educational work.

The works we promote are beautiful-with-purpose. This set of works expresses our criterion, our sense of smell, our look, that is, our taste, which is what we finally share: an offer of advice to acquire and collect with passion and with reason.


Associates artists
Federico Alvarado – Fredman Barahona  – Patricia Belli – Darling López Salinas – Marco Cano – Jullisa Moncada – Noel Omar Saavedra – Ricardo Huezo – Alejandro de la Guerra – Norlan Gutiérrez

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