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Cráter Invertido

Founded in 2011  / Mexico city.

Crater Invertido exploded on september 16th, 2012 in form of a warehouse downtown Mexico City, where affinity groups and existing collectives decided to join forces (GrupoDe, Siempreotravez, Biciperras) to share a space for creating organizational threads. In the spring of 2013, we ignited an Editorial Movement (Casa del Lago, 2013),  a space and time dedicated to self-publishing and collective study, transforming  the experience in our small-press called  Cráneo Invertido, that crystallized in the acquirement and put-into-practice of LAEL our MZ Riso the bonfire of our commons( thanks to our implication with the Arts Collaboratory network). Twenty years after the zapatista uprising, we participated in a collective exhibition with the Pabellón 1994 (La Curtiduría, 2013),  a series objects-actions used to ritualize and discuss over the images produced by media, resistance and power  that precise global year  and its consequences in the neoliberal contemporary reality in Mexico which we are product of.
In 2014, after the disappearance of students by obscure narco-state forces, we beated main plaza with peaks and shovels searching for some answers in the midst of rage and confusion (Picos y Palas action, 2014).

At that time we already had moved to a house in San Cosme, where a communal dinner is self organized each thursday by members of the net. That same year, Okuwi Enwezor invited us to participate in the 56th Bienal de Venecia (All the Worlds Futures, Arsenale, 2015), where we showed a big collective drawing, an activity we like to do a lot while being together. Not quite understanding our doodling gesture inside the heart of the art world, we revisited that piece for the Yakarta Bienale(Neither foreword nor back, 2015) , showing fragments of it as part of an illogical calendar called Today. Quasi-simultaneously, Casco asked us about our construction of imaginary and its relation to time; a collective room for study was mounted and a residency invitation concluded in more uncertainties and common intuitions as well as in  the phantasmagorical appearance of the Hot Winter Ghost Press (We are The Time Machines, 2015-16).
Already in 2016, a friendly call invited us to show in Teoretica, an excuse used to formally digress and produce over the imaginary of the Brick (Pienso Luego Ladrillo), laboring again as a  workshop-that-is-an-exhibition.  At the moment, we are doing fires and making smoke signals as part of our participation in the Sonsbeek international festival hosted by Ruangrupa. Now Crater Invertido host a free media experience and sound editorial (Radio Tropiezo), a co-op of co-ops dedicated to the full editorial cycle (Taller de Produccion Editorial) , an animation unlearning seminar (Vacaciones de Trabajo), plus other more informal seminars and working groups ( …and some uninvited rats, WElcome!).

Crater Invertido es continous, together and separate is a real imaginary process.


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