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Fundado en 2017 en Bogotá, Colombia
Dirigido por John Angel Rodriguez

GREY CUBE PROJECTS (formerly PERMANENTE) is a transdisciplinar space for artistic creation, founded with the aim of becoming a platform to promote knowledge exchange whereas strengthening contemporary art practices. The foundations for the management model proposed by Permanente are experimentation, participatory dialogue and multilateral cooperation.

GCP is located in Bogota’s Art District Colombia (BAD). Formed with the purpose of offering an new alternative to current art organizations and companies.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS is an artist-led initiative that aims to become a meeting space for artistic experimentation; which forges a creative network around the manifestations of collective execution. Active participation and knowledge sharing are the grounds on which GCP’s programs will be built.

GCP is an independent space that is emerging as a springboard for experimentation, across participation and development of transdisciplinar projects. GCP is also a nonprofit initiative whose concerns are different to commercial galleries, in terms of weaving and conceptualizing art. Our projects are focused on promoting creative processes differing from those methodological conventions proposed by commercial institutions.

For the opening and the first two curated exhibitions of 2015 (Non-Organic Life and ArtFutura: Collective Intelligence), we assembled the participation of 34 local and international artists, including some artistic groups, that were invited to create site-specific artworks within GCP’s edifice. The purpose in doing these site-specific installations was to make the creative behaviors visible.

We believe that displaying different artistic methodologies and attitudes will nourish the body of work of our space.

GCP‘s ethos identifies with the practices of the invited artists, therefore, our curatorial proposals differ from white cube displaying formats; we also understand the participations of each artist, such as inserts. All interventions made by the artists are by definition contributions to our project.

International visibility is another of GCP’s interests. For this reason, we have created a space for artistic residencies, allowing us to make exchanges with similar spaces elsewhere. GCP provides accommodation and studio space to our residents, with the aim of generating an active interaction with the Colombian art scene.


-Thought and experimentation laboratories
– Collective creation laboratories
Artistic residencies
– Internships
-Art in Exchange program

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