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Born in 1980 in cuba
Lives and work in Havana, Cuba

My work is a documentation of my own obsessive and accumulated desires that are trying to find a “change” in a reality that’s saturated of constant denials. Transiting through means as the performance, the installation, the video and the photography, as an intake of conscience, I reveal the vision of my society; formed and deformed from the censure, the ego, the simulacrum, the subordination of the individuals to regulated behaviors, where the concept of failure shines in front of the idea of the illusion.
I have felt motivated to release established paradigms in the socio – political sphere, using untouchable and sacred elements of my national identity at a symbolic level.
I relapse in the poetic metaphor as a way to project the most intimates “estates” of a militarized fantasy, armed by a dichotomic constellation that emerges from the utopy to reality, as from the celestial to the terrestrial. Trying to reach just one goal: salvation, my salvation.

Personal Exhibitions
2010 – En el deseo de unos, la caída de otros, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana, Cuba
2009 – Un Mundo Color de Rosa, Ludwing Foundation, Havana, Cuba
2007 – Estado Ausente, Centro Provincial de Artes Plásticas y Diseño, Havana, Cuba
2006 – De la imposibilidad, la permanencia del deseo, SITAC, Myto Gallery, DF, Mexico
2004 – Estado de Sitio, Gallery, José Antonio Díaz Peláez. Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba
2004 – Fricción, Alternative space, Havana, Cuba

Recent Group Exhibitions
2011 – Unresolved Circumstances – Museum of Latin American Art, MOLAA.. California, United States
2011 – Face Contact – PhotoEspaña, Madrid, Spain
2011 – Crisis. América latina. Arte y confrontación. 1910-2010 – Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes. México, DF.
2011 – Ustedes y Nosotros. Centro Cultural de España. Guatemala
2010 – Proyecto Circo. Performances & Audiovisuales Cuba-España-Suiza. MECA. Spain
2010 – Bienal de Liverpool, Liverpool, England.
2010 – 31 Bienal de Pontevedra, Utropicos, Galicia, España
2009 – Video Experimental y Video Art: Artistas de Cuba – Museum of Antioquia. Colombia
2009 – Estado de Excepción – Galería Habana.. X Biennial of the Havana. Cuba
2008 – Endurance – VIVID. Birmingham, England
2008 – States of Exchange – Institute of International Visual Arts (iniVA). London, England

2010 – Bed-In – Bluecoat. Liverpool. England
2009 – Muro de Lamentos – Galería Habana. X Biennial of the Havana. Cuba
2007 – El Gigante – Batiscafo Project. Hight Institute of Art. Havana. Cuba
2006 – Avestruz – First Festival of Public Art. Ciego de Ávila, Cuba

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