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Nike Free Run 2.0 Mens Running Trainers Black Royal Blue | Abstractus

Nike Free Run 2.0 Mens Running Trainers Black Royal Blue. Nike Free Run 2.0 Trainers are best described as lightweight, minimalist shoes that mimic the feel of running barefoot, but with added protection from hard surfaces to prevent injuries from environmental factors. Besides, these sneakers have soles with minimal padding, allowing feet to better sense the ground. If you love to run, do not miss this chance.

Founded in 2002 in Colombia
Formed by Ximena Steevens and Mauricio Velez

Ximena Steevens and Mauricio Velez are the artist duet known as Abstractus since 2002, when they decided to condense all of their material and conceptual experimentation and research (personal and aesthetic) within a concept, to reflect the truth in ways that help to find freedom from the turbulent world around us. Theirs, has been an evolutionary process of shared exploration throughout Europe, North and Latin America. Their work draws from the use of collective thoughts and interpretations from life’s distinctive array of facets, comprised by emotional crossing motivated by their relationship and distinct aesthetic experiences.

Abstractus’ work raises the possibility of an isolated reality in the paradox of objects and the mental properties of subjects that are limited by their own truth full of trickery.

“Present human existence as a paradoxical fact is the core of Abstractus work. Trough art, they question the alienation that we all love so much, while unsustainable future is under construction by careless insiders in this impassive chaos.

Group Exhibitions
2011 – AAF Amsterdam – Group Exhibition. Arte Red NY at The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 – Art Chicago – Arte Red NY at Art Chicago Art Fair. Chicago, United States
2011 – AAF – Arte Red NY at The Affordable Art Fair. Brussels, Belgium
2010 – A Night With The Arts – United States of America Ambassador’s Residence. Bogota – Colombia
2010 – Bricolage Kitchen takes Pan – demonium to The Knot in Berlin – Curated Exhibition by Bricolage Kitchen UK (Gillian Whitely) in collaboration with Oneoftheroughs/ The Shape of the Inconstruable Question (Berlin). Tempelhof Airport. Berlin, Germany
2010 – Next Art Fair – Baobab Galería. (Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art). Chicago, United States
2009 – 24 Hours Festival – LaGuardia Performance Art Center. Long Island, NY
2009 – Pan – demonium Project. Curated Exhibition by Bricolage Kitchen UK (Gillian Whitely) . AC Institute (Direct Chapel).
New York – United States.
2009 – Art for Colombia – Charitable Exhibition. Leticia Foundation. Baobab Galería Bogotá – Colombia
2008 – Group Exhibition. Baobab Galería – Bogotá – Colombia
2007 – Art Exhibition at the Landmine Monitor Report 2007 – International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Gimnasio Moderno. Bogotá
2007 – DNA Diesel New Art – Juried selection of the best Colombian new artists. Milano, Italy and Bogotá, Colombia
2007 – Salón Fernando Botero – Juried selection.Bogotá, Colombia
2006 – Salón Marginal de Artistas Revista Semana – Bogotá, Colombia
2006 – 10 Latitudes same Meridian – Casa Cuadrada Galería. Bogotá, Colombia
2005 – Milieu & Metamorphosis (Eleven Forgotten Memories) – Agora Gallery. New York, United States
2004 – The Wealth of a Blue Island in a Red Sea – Galerie Gora. Montreal, Canada
2002 – CD Project – Grupo Arte Galería. Bogotá, Colombia
2001 – 2001 A Space Odyssey – Valenzuela y Klenner Arte Contemporáneo. Bogotá, Colombia
2000 – In Vitrina – Valenzuela y Klenner Arte Contemporáneo. Bogotá, Colombia

Solo Exhibitions
2010 – ABSTRACTUS Open Art House. Bogotá – Colombia
2010 – Synthetic Dreams Garden – Abstractus at Next Art Fair. Chicago, United States
2007 – Unthinkable Chronology – Metropolitan Club. Bogotá, Colombia
2007 – The Opposite Visions from the Top – Baobab Galería. Bogotá, Colombia
2007 – Unthinkable Chronology – Galería Arte y Espacio. Bogotá, Colombia
2006 – Selected Artworks 2005 – 2006. Club Los Arrayanes. Bogotá, Colombia
2006 – Silence Dissonance – Baobab Galería. Bogotá, Colombia
2005 – Absent Spaces – Baobab Galería. Bogotá, Colombia
2005 – Journey trough the Window – Club Guaymaral. Bogotá, Colombia
2002 – Take the pose facing the Robin Corpse – Origen Galería. Bogotá, Colombia

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