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Adrián Balseca

Born in 1989 in Quito
Lives and works in Quito

Most of my projects are made for sites specifics and become an interest in processes of historical research, on the material composition of common objects, and how these through the circulation -whether in an urban, social or political medium- are loaded with symbolism and meaning. I select iconic or regular, familiar objects: a car, a lamp or a sewer, and work with the displacements or modifications in their composition. These strategies are, most of the time, approaches to industrial and artisanal modes of production that reveal how the symbolic order is given by a combination of cultural and natural specificities; and above all, how a reading and analysis of the matter can describe the organization, construction and territorial or domestic partition of a geography or specific place.

He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions. In 2013 he won the first edition of the Premio Brasil-Arte Emergente (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Quito) and in 2014 Premio Paris in the 12ª Bienal Internacional de Cuenca – Ir para volver. He was a founding member of the group La Selecta-Cultural Cooperativa, and was part of the collective Tranvía Cero, both based in Quito.

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