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Alan Ruiz

Born in 1984 in Mexico city, Mexico
Lives and works in New York, USA


Recent Exhibitions
2013 – Against Nature – Wave Hill, NY
2013 – Trouble Every Day – Vogt Gallery, NY
2013 – If color then also dimension; if flatness then texture, etc. –  LMCC: Building 110, NY.
2013 – Ulterior Intersections – Vera & Melchor de Arcenegui, NY
2012 – The Quality of Presence – The Chelsea Hotel, NY, NY (Curated by Dmitry Komis)
2011 – In Case We Don’t Die – KPH VOLUME. Copenhagen, Denmark (Curated by Bibi Kalthom)
2011 – Navigating Darkness – Tape Modern. Berlin, Germany. (Curated by Mira O’Brien & Helen Homan Wu | Opalnest)
2011 – 100 x 100 – Triangle Arts Association, Brooklyn, NY. (Curated by Wayne Northcross)
2011 – Transregional Aesthetics – Castle Inn Gallery. Delaware Water Gap, PA.
2011 – Bronx Calling: The First AIM Biennial – Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY (Curated by Wayne Northcross and Jose Ruiz)

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