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Andrés Suarez

Born in 1989, in Manizales, Colombia
Live and work São Paulo, Brasil

My idea of art is based on relational processes linked to “Power”; my production deals with a holistic reflection from different angles in which it is exercised or this present; This problematic includes sub-themes such as capital, socio-political relations, economic ties, territory, memory and contextual. I always base my work on the everyday, involving collective visions, psychogeographies, and everything that can result in a posture or a vision of the environment in which I am.
In my production I put the technique at the service of the work, for this reason my pieces are heterogeneous in their supports; I transit easily from a Performance, to an engraving; From casting, to a site-specific; From ceramics, to video art; For me, it is as important to think about the medium as it is about the work.

Solo Exhibitions
2015.02. En búsqueda de la felicidad vendida. AP-arte Art Experience. Bogotá.
2014.04. La plata es una ilusión. Palacio de bellas artes . Manizales. .

Collective Exhibitions
2016.09. Salon nacional CURARE 44. Pereira
2016.09. Nostos, Partida y Retorno. Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá
2016.05. V Bienal PerforArtNet. Galería Nest Art Center. Bogotá
2016.03. Plataforma 4 / Micro realidades locales Silentes. Cámara de comercio de Bogotá – Chapinero. Bogotá
2015.10. Vuelo-performance colaborativo, María José Arjona. Flora Ars+Natura . Bogotá
2015.09. Salón Arte joven 2015. Galería Nueveochenta. Bogotá
2015.03. Lujo y Miseria.  Strom and drunk. Madrid – España.
2014.11. Salón Imagen Regional 8, Zona Centro Occidente. Banco de la republica- Medellin.
2014.06. Medidas cautelares. Galeria Valenzuela Klenner. Bogotá.

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