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Alberto De Michele

Born in 1980 in Venecia, Italia
Lives and works in Amsterdam and Cali

Alberto De Michele’s work explores the existing tension between the codes of conduct prevailing in the underworld and the customary moral codes in the regular ‘upper world’. As well, he looks into the blurry divide between fiction and reality in the stories produced in the underworld, stories that within its own logic imply the impossibility of a public verification.

His research takes him to establishing relationships with people living outside the law, stepping in and out of their sphere, always with the certainty of keeping out from their actions. Aware of walking sensitive territories where only the thinnest line divide these alternate realities, he keeps the minimum necessary distance to avoid risking being absorbed within the underworld.

His work has been exhibited, among others, in El segundo viaje (solo), Museo Rayo, Roldanillo 2015; Spell to Spelling ** Spelling to Spell, De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam 2015; Vincent (solo), (bis) | oficina de proyectos, Cali 2015; GLITCH. Interferenze tra Arte e Cinema, PAC, Milan 2014; Cinéma du réel, Centre Pompidou, Paris 2013; An Opal World, Kunstraum, London 2013; Call of the Mall, Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht 2013; Post Scriptum, Museum MAN, Nuoro 2012; Topsy Turvy, De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam 2012; Porta Lavernalis (solo), Gentili Apri, Berlin 2011.

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