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Abigail Reyes

Born in El Salvador in 1984
Lives and works in La Libertad, El Salvador

Graphic designer, visual artist and poet, she has participated in different workshops and in the Central American artists Rapaces residence in Nicaragua. She has done individual exhibitions in the Museum of Art and Design of Costa Rica; Marte Museum of El Salvador; Manzanita Hall of the California State University of Northridge; CCESV Space L; And the Lokkus Contemporary Art Gallery in Medellín. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and the United States. Abigail received an honorable mention in the contest Sumarte in 2014, as well as the first place in the contest of poetry IpsoFacto in 2012. Her poetic work has been published in the Mexican magazine Círculo de poesía and was considered in the anthology Quizá tu nombre falta. A.R.

Source: Bienal centroamericana

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